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Moon - Live Australian Independent Music Awards 2016


Introducing MOON - Exploding onto the rock scene from another galaxy

MOON is an exciting new rock act set to bring rock music back with a bang, melting classic and prog elements to create an instrumental post-rock fantasy.

MOON is an electrifying three-piece that introduces the extraordinarily talented drumming prodigy, Jagger – who is rated as the number one drummer in Australia under 25 (and he has only just turned 14!). Jagger is joined in MOON by Steve Balbi on vocals/guitar (Mi-Sex, Noiseworks) and Mark “Swine” Ward on vocals, bass and guitars (Pearls and Swine, Plastic Fingers)

MOON creates 21st Century rock, taking the expanse and ambition of post-rock, but in tight three-minute packages that explode out of the speakers. The trio began as an experiment in a historic recording studio in the inner-city of Sydney and from nothing at all, MOON found a unique synergy creating 'The Orbitor'. This debut album is a raw debut bursting with energy. 



Critics praise MOON:

 Moon-The-Orbitor-1080“If we one day discover wormholes in space I'm cranking this while flying through them.” – Dom Alessio, Triple J Unearthed

“Moon is a rocking band with all the tools necessary to build a wall of sound.” – East Portland Blog (US)

“The order was tall: take the experimentation of post rock and combine it with the power, directness and intensity of rock n’ roll. I was skeptical right up to when I clicked play and then all my doubts vanish.” – Heavy Blog is Heavy (US)

“Australian progressive rockers MOON, have delivered a raucous attention-grabbing instrumental that is definitely worth a trip or two through your ears.” – Rara’s Farm (US)

“An absolute blinder of a track. This four-and-a-half minute instrumental is a phenomenal recording in its own right, yet when it’s combined with this fascinating video it somehow becomes even better.” – The AU Review

“An ambitious song, I can definitely hear moments of various influences, from the progginess of Porcupine Tree to the heaviness of The Foo Fighters.... I especially enjoyed the freestyle drum solo towards the end of the track, something I haven’t heard in a while.” – Crash & Ride Music (US)

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